Branding & Graphic Design for a new industrial brewing company & tap room based in Australia.

Brand design for a new brewing company & tap room based in Australia.

Its target market are blue collar workers who live nearby so I decided to focus on an industrial look & feel, but I kept the design modern and young for when the brand will be available in other big cities for a more commercial public.

I based the label design on the Australian aboriginal magic, with the 5 more common magic abilities: the love magic, the healing ability, the sight (of people’s dreams and thoughts), the rain making and the walking on fire.

For each of this magic abilities I designed a symbol, used in the correspondent label but also on shirts, posters etc as a branding asset.

The owner of the brewing company decided to follow a different style for the branding: the following images are just concept designs not related to the actual brand’s identity.

brendale logo brendale logo brendale logo brendale business card brendale business card brendale sign love badge love label love label heal badge heal label heal label sight badge sight label sight label rain badge rain label rain label fire badge fire label fire label brendale shirt love shirt heal shirt sight shirt rain shirt fire shirt brendale shirts brendale coasters